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It is the middle of the Week here in Washington. Here are some things that managed to fly under the Radar yet again in our media.

Rwandan President Paul Kagame was at William Penn University in Iowa over the past weekend. He received a Doctor of Human Letters from the Quaker Institution. While this was going on Independent Media Outlets (that are still allowed to publish by the way) were reporting that an 18 year old youth named Mutabazi Sadic had passed away from his Injuries.

What happened was that this young man set himself on fire after being beaten by Inkeragutabara and Local Defense in Gisenyi. The passing occured roughly one week after the incident reportedly took place. This is a disturbing piece of evidence and shows that the Great Lakes Region of Africa is unstable as well.

There are three pieces of news regarding Nigeria and Boko Haram as well. 
First several African Advocacy Groups are preparing a sign-on letter to Secretary of State Clinton urging her not to have the State Department declare the Militant Group as Terrorists. They feel that by doing this will limit the activities of the United States to pursuing a Military Option. One proposed action is to freeze their assets.

Speaking of assets. Reports from Nigeria state that the group has received a total of N40 Million in Financial Aid from an unnamed insurgent group based in Algeria. If this can be independently verified then some of the fears in Langley and on Capitol Hill may be coming true. Its sad to see but in some situations the Decision Makers can be warned in advance of a serious situation developing. More often than not the worst case scenario actually occurs among much hand wringing.

One fear that is being mentioned on Capitol Hill is that this group will reach out to the Nigerian Diaspora and recruit fighters just like Al-Shaabab has been able to do in the Somali Communities Nationwide. There have been several events at think tanks here in Washington regarding the situation in West Africa as well. All this takes place as reports are indicating that both Bank of America and Wells Fargo have reportedly frozen the assets of the Nigerian Embassy here in Washington. The reason that this has occurred is the "Suspicious" handling of roughly $3.6 Million. The timing of this cannot be any worse for the Embassy.

Regarding some of the equipment that the US is leaving behind in Afganistan. Wouldn't it be better to lease some of them to the UN for Missions in Africa? these vehicles could be put to good use in places such as Mogadishu perhaps right now. I mean if the UK can donate vehicles to Karzai then we can donate or lease them to the UN. Just sayin....


September 2016

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