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Earlier this week the State Department issued a Warning regarding another potential Terrorist attack by Boko Haram in Nigeria. The Warning covered luxury hotels in the Capital of Abuja. However the attacks that were launched within the last 24 Hours did not target Western Targets but like the prior attacks targeted the Security Establishment.

The Other Day the Nigerian Military stated that the United States will be providing Military Assistance. This could mean anytime now that the President may decide to send more Special Forces to Africa. In this case that country could be Nigeria. And with this being Veteran's Day weekend this deployment could happen without people paying attention to it.

If this deployment is made what rationale could be used to give it a sense of legitimacy? An easy one is to look for the missing anti-aircraft missiles from Libya. There was a sizable force of Nigerian Mercenaires that fought for Qadaffi in the last days of his regime. Could some of these weapons have found their way into Nigeria? Another is Boko Haram itself. Could this group take advantage of the Internal situation in a neighbor that had a recent controversial election? Like Cameroon? It is not that much of a strategic leap for this action to be taken by Boko Haram. Tensions are simmering in Cameroon after these elections so ifthey decide to exploit it for their own gain......

Yesterday the State Department called for Calm during the upcoming Elections in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The UN Joint Human Rights Office has documented 188 Violations to the Electoral Process between November 2010 through September of this year. There has been a reported increase in attacks against Journalists and members of Opposition Parties as well. In another interesting move the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court called upon all parties in the Election to refrain from violence.

Cargill has announced plans to invest $3 Million into the Cocoa Sector in Ivory Coast. Will this affect the Cocoa Market in neighboring Ghana? Speaking of Ghana yesterday CSIS had a program covering this Marvel in Africa. There are a couple of factors that could inhibit future growth such as a weak manufacturing sector and poor infrastructure when it comes to Electricity. however the Oil and Gold Industries could help out.....


July 2017

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